How to join HumanDAO?


1. Join Discord:
2. Talk to human in the community chat.
3. Become a builder #builder-interest and build the future together.

HumanDAO is a public good fueled by web3.

The current model is relatively simple, holding, developing and lending assets in some crypto games and metaverse projects. Connect those who have assets with those who don’t. It makes it easier for people who don’t have metaverse assets to earn income in metaverse.

HumanDAO has initially proved itself.

The community has grown from a few hundred people to more than 18,000 people in a short period of time. Most of them have not even heard of what blockchain is, and there are not too many contributors. But this is not a bad thing. Isn’t HumanDAO just trying to help these people who are looking for additional income opportunities?

HumanDAO is open.

Anyone who is willing to contribute time/resources can become a member of the DAO, or a core team, consultant, or partner. We need more people to join in to make it happen. Not helping 18,000 people, nor 1.8 million people, but 300 million people, or more.

About HumanDAO

At humanDAO we are setting out to create a public good. Our mission is purposefully broad, and yet very clear: improve lives through crypto. Over 2 billion people in underserved communities live on less than $5/day. humanDAO is creating opportunities in crypto for those underserved communities to earn 2–10x that. All while creating profound, new revenue streams for our community and investors.







Promote HumanDAO to Chinese community. HumanDAO中文频道,推广理念,实现愿景。

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Promote HumanDAO to Chinese community. HumanDAO中文频道,推广理念,实现愿景。

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